The commonly used word "bucks" originated from the word buck. There were buck`s antlers and fells which were used as money equivalent in Great Britain. This word was accepted in the New World because it was used by Englishmen.

Dollar history

Dollar history as a monetary currency began quite for a long time ago and the name itself developed from German monetary unit "taller" to be taken in monetary circulation first in 1519. After more than three hundred years taller was taken away form currency and dollar history continued.

When dollar was taken into currency of the USA officially it was decided to preserve its name. At the beginning gold content in dollar went to 1,6g but with the course of time its level was falling drastically. After the Second World War Europe was filled with American dollar and in many countries it became the second national currency. Now more than 26 countries use dollar as the main currency. In each country it differs by its forming and to its name simply the name of the country should be added as for example American dollar, Australian dollar and so on.

During very long period of time dollar was considered to be the most unprotected monetary unit cause it had the biggest number of false bank-notes. In 1996 appeared a new set of money, but the situation with false money didn't change too much.

Now monetary unit Euro which was taken into currency in 2002 as the main currency of European countries is paid bigger and bigger attention. Nevertheless dollar rate has a big meaning in economics of each country. Falling happened often can cause prices rising and changes in the stock market. That's why there are methods with help of which one can schedule dollar forecast in order to avoid drastic currency rate.
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