Current American bank notes have got the reputation as the dullest. Since the beginning of the last century, the design of notes remains to be practically without any changes, besides grey color prevails on the right side and green - on the back.

Dollar forecast

Dollar forecast is supposed to be calculations preceded by a number of existing factors. Economics of many countries using dollar in their circulation ultimately depends on this currency's stability. Insignificant variations can lead to market changes and drastic fall can lead to global crisis in economics.

There are several factors which can be the reason of fall. This can be as natural-objective processes appearing as a result of structural problems of the economics in the USA as subjective active ones. The second depend on functioning of big financial companies which somehow are interested in changes taking place in the stock market. Exactly to prevent drastic changes in economics' structure, one can do the forecasts following which it is possible to calculate dollar's rate being valid for the nearest time. For doing this it should be taken to consideration the factors being in dependence on dollar's variation.

Below there are the graphics showing how dollar is changing towards to EURO (EUR), British Pound (GBP) and Japan Yen (JPY) for the last 120 days. These data can be used as one of several sources which are necessary for forming the forecast of dollar rate.
Dollar to Yen forecast

Dollar to EURO forecast

Dollar to British Pound forecast

Dollar history counts a lot of events when as being in dependence on dollar raising or falling, the politics of some companies was changed or big contracts were reviewed. Now in order to protect themselves in different situations, the big companies try to work with several kinds of currency and one of them is Euro being recently used by the citizens of Europe and international companies. But nevertheless dollar influence on global economics should not be underestimated because sometimes it is better to get reinsured and to foresee the situation than some time later to solve arisen financial problems.
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