The commonly used word "bucks" originated from the word buck. There were buck`s antlers and fells which were used as money equivalent in Great Britain. This word was accepted in the New World because it was used by Englishmen.


There are many years already as dollar is considered to be an official currency of the USA. There is not a single century which can be counted in its history and speaking about its popularity - there is no other currency which is considered to be equal to dollar here. The name "dollar" has the currency of many countries and for making differentiation one should add the name of the state to it. Besides well-known American dollar there is Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Mexican dollar, the dollar of Trinidad and Tobago as well as many others. Despite of Euro gradually taking root all over the territory of Europe, dollar is considered to be quite commonly used currency.

Dollar history began in the 16th century. This currency was originated from medieval coin Taller being used in Germany. Later German Mark came to take its place but dollar was still remaining stable. With the course of time, dollar strongly got into economics of many countries all over the world.

The appearance of dollar had been changing not a single time. Till 1861 the silver coins were considered to be dollars and only later bank-notes began to be used in currency. In order to precise note's authenticity, one edge was made uneven and another part of it was kept at Mint Coin. This was the first attempt to protect dollar against falsification.

Dollar plays a quite important role in the economic plan of many states. Its drastic fall can also ruin many international organizations. But for the time being dollar rate can be called stable and some insignificant changes can not influence the capital of organizations too much. But this situation can change sharply. In order to prevent drastic rate's fall, one can regularly do dollar forecast. Here are many important factors to be taken to consideration and due to which it is possible to foresee the situation in the stock market.
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